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Travel and Weekend Getaways

I hope the series of blogs and posts will be helpful for others who love to travel. Jotting down few wonderful trips that i had. Keep visiting the blog and post your comments.


Usually when we plan for a trip, we need to keep few things in mind and have to be prepared:

1. Travel – Plan on how you want to travel; train, bus, bike, car or flight. If you are planning to on public transport / air plane, make sure that you book the seats / tickets well in advance.

2. Accommodation – Look for places which is easily reachable from the local attractions, railway station, bus stand and air port (if at all the city has one). This might get a bit costly, however it is always good to be staying at a place which is close to all the major places. Read the reviews of the hotels / resorts / cottages. There are travel sites which do provide honest feedback. You can even contact them regarding the same. TravelMasti.com is one such website. Few times, you may even get discount if you are booking it online. It is a very good practice to inquire your friends about the possible accommodation options available at the place.

3. Study the place that you are visiting

4. Plan the places that you want to visit and make a detailed list of activities that you want to do. This saves a lot of time

5. Keep medicines with you

6. Keep enough cash with you

7. If you have a camera, then have a re-chargeble battery along with the charger.

8. Mobile phone charger is one thing which you dont want to forget

9. Carry a list of numbers / contacts of your parents / close friends / relatives / colleagues. If at all something goes wrong, people would be able to contact inform your loved ones.

10. Cloths, perfumes, deo and other things which you may need daily

11. MP3 Player, Laptops etc.

12. Carry a dairy. This will be good to note down the places that you visit and the interesting things that you do at these places. Humans have this habit of forgetting things, so it is better to write down the things.

13. Good to have a map of the city with you. Note down the addresses of hotels / local attractions / pubs / discs etc.

I am stopping it here. Please give your comments and add more points. I might have missed out things. Happy Travelling till then.



1. Mangat - October 19, 2009

Sir ji…. Where is our Pondi trip?
is it part of next Release??? 😛

2. Mangat - October 19, 2009

I would say Go Unplanned… It will be more fun. only thing u shud be knowing is which place/city to go n how… rest go with the flow.. he he he he

sarunraj - October 19, 2009

Pondi trip is on the next post sir ji.. wait for it.. and will post some interesting photos also.. it is fun when u plan things then and there itself. but thats not for the first timers and not for the the in experienced.. we have gone to so many places and we all know each other so well.. we are best buddies.. so it was easy for us…

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